About Me

The Black Cat Closet was born in 1999, originally started as an Ebay shop.  
I have a bachelor's degree in computer Programming and right out of college spent 7 years working in the field...and then...came The BCC! 
I sold on Ebay for 9 years then decided it was time to have my own website.
The name is inspired by my loyal companion for 18 years - my black cat, Bajang aka "Baji" or "Boo Boo".
My name is Angelique, and I am the owner of The BCC.
 I am a lover of anything having to do with a Gothic, "witchy" or spooky nature.  
I was born two weeks before Halloween at sunset, during a new moon, with the Sun and Moon both in Libra.  My rising sign is Aries.  
My passions are astrology, jewelry, collecting, flea markets, decorating, fashion, gardening, walking, music and singing.
This is a one-woman show.
I curate the items, take the photos, write the descriptions, code the website pages and pack and ship everything.
I hand-pick every item you see offered in my store, so if it's not something I LOVE myself, chances are I won't be selling it.
I am thrilled you decided to visit my store and welcome any questions you have.
I like to keep the website and look of my shop "vintage", just like most of what I sell.
There are no chat windows where you get automated responses.  
If you have a question, you can email me and get a response from a real person within a couple of hours.
Please join the mailing list for updates on new items and sale announcements.
I also have a Facebook and Instagram page with weekly updates.
The BCC has two Antique booths locally that I refresh weekly with new items. See my Instagram @theblackatcloset for updates on the booths.
Another, more recent passion of mine is making jewelry.  I am a self-taught silversmith and make one-of-a-kind sterling silver and gemstone statement pieces.  Some of my jewelry is for sale here on the site and also in my Etsy shop.
  Happy Shopping!