Planchette Pendant, Sterling Silver

This pendant is made of solid sterling silver and has a 1 3/4 inch Crystal Quartz planchette at its center.
I hand pick the crystals for this design and your crystal will be picked by me from the ones I have on hand at the time of your purchase. The inclusions will vary from one crystal planchette to the next.
The embellishments and shape of this is my own design - shaped, cut and assembled by me.
There is an "All Seeing Eye" at the opening/hole of the planchette.
My Maker's Mark 'ASA' is on the back of the pendant. It is also stamped "Sterling".
The pendant, including the bail is 3 3/4 inches long. 2 3/4 inches wide at its widest point.
It is quite a statement piece! You will feel the magic when you wear this! I'm very proud of this piece and I'm thrilled to be able to offer it for sale.
(no chain included)

This listing is for a special order for this jewelry design. The piece in the photos is the design you will receive, specially made following your purchase. It is completely handmade so please note that I will need time to complete this.  I will email you once the order is placed to give an approximate completion date.

It is an original design by me - part of my ASA jewelry collection. Every part of it is made of solid sterling silver.
All of my jewelry designs are finished and polished by hand. I don't use any machinery in my finishing process. I feel this gives the piece a more personal touch. I try to stay true to the techniques of traditional silversmithing by doing it all by hand, without the use of any electrical tools.

Quartz is the master healer of gemstones. This stone is a generator for energy, and it will attune to your vibrational needs. Quartz is a well-known crystal for its ability to heighten frequencies and help us manifest our dreams into reality. Wearing Quartz can help you to keep negative vibes away, enhance the positivity and joy frequencies within you and it will also help you to discover the path towards manifesting your magic.



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