Celtic God Cernunnos Pendant

This is a unique Cernunnos pendant made of lead-free and nickel-free pewter.

It has a hidden bail in back.

The pendant measures 1 1/8 inch long.

It comes with a 30" black cord, though it can also be worn on a chain.

The ancient Celts and Druids in the West had worshiped a horned God who went by the names of Cernunnos (KER-noo-nos) by the Gauls, and in Old Irish literature as Uindos, Herne (Hermes), Hu Gadarn, and Hesus (Jesus). He was known as the most ancient and powerful Celtic deity who was called the “lord of wild and all things.” His sons were said to be Teutates, Esus, Taranis or Taranus who are sometimes referred to as his doubles.

The meaning of Cernunnos in Gaelic and Old English and Irish is the “horned one or he who has horns.” This God was usually depicted in artwork wearing stag antlers and was normally accompanied by his symbols of the stag, ram, bull and holding a horned and spotted serpent or worm.




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