Burlesque Brocade Black Striped Steel Boned Corset 22

This is a gorgeous black brocade and pinstriped overbust corset.� This is a top quality corset, handmade by the most skilled tailors.� Specially designed ultra strong back lacing bone.� 100% micro fine cotton lining for comfort.� Invisible waist tape.�14�(the front 2 are spiral) steel bones throughout the corset, adjustable criss cross heavy lacing cord,�sturdy metal clasps at the front of the corset.
  • Features 6" wide Modesty Panel
  • 6 Suspender Loops (no garter straps included)
  • Potential Waist Reduction 6-7"
  • Length at center front:� 14 1/2''
  • Length at side:� 12 1/2"
  • Length at center back:� 13"
  • Bust line:� Mild Sweetheart
The corset is a size 22, which means it will fit a 25-26 inch waist, depending how tight you want to cinch.
The bust closed tight measures 30" around and the�upper�hip area closed tight measures 32" around.� You should have a bust of 32" or larger and upper hipline of 34" or larger for this to fit correctly.
Please note that the maker of this corsets design their corsets with a lot of room in the bust and hips, so it is meant for a woman with a full busom and fuller hips, though please be sure your waist measurement matches up.


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