Antique Victorian Black Velvet Ladies Mourning Jacket

This is an Antique Ladies jacket from the Edwardian or Victorian era. Dates anywhere from the 1890's to 1910? It is made from a lighter black fabric with a black velvet flocked floral print over the entire jacket!  I have lightened some photos to show detail.  It has 5 large button holes in front though all of the buttons have been removed - easy to replace!  The outside of the jacket has some marks where the buttons were and a 4 inch split in the fabric near the bottom right side (this could be sewn shut, it is a clean break and the material is still strong).  There is some tiny fraying along the hemline in front.
The back of the jacket is almost prestine - hardly any signs of wear! In fact I see no splits, marks holes or wear anywhere on the back!  Also, the back has a pleated peplum hem.  So flattering!
The inside lining has a lot of wear to the fabric.  Though you could definitely add a new lining to this if desired.  Even though the fabric is split and worn inside, it doesn't appear fragile, the wear seems to have happened slowly, over time.
This can be worn open, or if you add buttons and button it all the way up it would fit a 22 inch waist when shut.
Even though there is some work to be done on this garment, it is definitely worth the few repairs if you're handy in sewing!  It is an incredible piece of Victorian garb and the jacket has a strong fabric and weight to it.  I can picture this on a petite, pale goth lady holding a mourning parasol, paired with a floor length black skirt!
This is a gorgeous example of Victorian Mourning clothing and would be perfect for re-enactment costuming or to add to your Victorian clothing collection.


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