Purple Alexandrite Glass Crystal Ball 80mm

This is a Lavender- Alexandrite color 80mm Gazing Ball. Comes boxed with stand. A most lovely glowing color so much more than our picture can capture. All our color balls are pure reconstituted QUARTZ and PERFECT making for true fine crystal balls. The color is gorgeous on this one! Generic wood base included with this one, but I have many stands in my store. Makes a VERY thoughtful gift! Comes in gift box.
To begin a crystal ball reading one should - place the crystal ball on a stand - place it on a table with a solid - usually dark surface - hold it in their hands - either in one place or turning it slightly - have the person they are reading touch it also Gazing into a clear crystal ball opens the third eye and allows the psychic to see images that appear physical - then others that are non-physical. The psychic is focusing their mind and seeing beyond 'visual eyes.' It is almost hypnotic. Your eyes may appear to cross if you gaze too long. In that case - relax and start again. Images with the crystal ball can be stationary or move around as if viewing a screen. This takes time and practice and the ability to relax the mind. When two people can gaze into the crystal ball at the same time - they usual see different things and get different messages. It is whatever you tune into - like a radio!


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