Scottish Thistle Pendant

This is a Scottish Thistle pendant made of lead-free and nickel-free pewter.

It has a bail at the top.

The pendant measures 1 1/2 inch long, including the bail.

It comes with a long black cord.

The thistle is renowned in Scotland where it is not only the country's national emblem but also the base of Scotland's ancient order of chivalry known as "The Order of the Thistle." Oral tradition attributes this to a war between the Scottish and the Vikings of Denmark. When the Vikings attempted to surprise the Scots at night, one of them supposedly placed a bare foot on a thistle, causing him to cry out in pain and alerting the Scots to the Viking presence.

Given the legend surrounding the Scottish thistle, the plant clearly connotes bravery, courage, and loyalty in the face of treachery. The tough, painful spikes of the plant itself suggest endurance and fortitude. Thistle's vibrant pink or purple color represents royalty and nobility, as well as the nobility of character.

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