Inverted Pentagram Pendant

This is a beautiful inverted pentagram pendant made of lead-free and nickel-free pewter.

The pendant measures 1 1/4 inch long.

It comes with a 30" black cord, though it can also be worn on a chain.

In some Wiccan circles, the inverted pentagram and indeed goat symbolism are closely linked to the Horned God – such as Pan, Hermes and the energies of the wild masculine. In this way the symbol is not evil, but merely a way to represent the powerful energies of wildness, death and rebirth that are associated with the masculine Horned God. In addition, sometimes people associate ‘evil,’ with processes that are in fact natural to our universe. Energies such as death, destruction and chaos for example are all part of nature – alongside, rebirth, growth and order. Although the Wiccan rede – ‘and it harm none’ – holds for a large proportion of practitioners, this doesn’t mean that the darker areas of nature should be ignored. For some people the inverted pentagram is a way to explore shadow sides to themselves and magic generally – in the hope of combining them with the light to make for greater integration and effectively positive magic overall.

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