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About Me

My name is Angelique. I am the sole-owner of this shop. I am thrilled you decided to visit my store and welcome any questions you have. I am a lover of anything having to do with a Gothic or Horror nature.  I was born two weeks before Halloween at sunset, during a New moon, with the Sun and Moon both in Libra.  My rising sign is Aries.  My passions are music, flea markets, decorating, fashion, gardening and exercise.  
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Programming and right out of college spent 7 years working in the field...and then...came The Black Cat Closet!  I started in 1999, selling a few items and buying of course!
I hand-pick every item you see offered in my store, so if it's not something I LOVE myself, chances are I won't be selling it.