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Keepers of the Sacred Flame Minerva & Vesta Protection Pendant

The worship of Roman domestic goddesses - Minerva and Vesta - was brought to Britain by Roman settlers. The goddesses Minerva and Vesta, ancient Roman deities, unite in offering double protection to the home, family, and loved ones.
Made from polished pewter with gold and crystal accents, this enchanting pendant comes with a chain and leaflet in a gold satin pouch. Designed by fantasy artist BRIAR. Approximate size: 1 ¼" x 1 ½"
This is from the 'Lost Treasures of Albion' collectoin.  Albion, the ancient name for the British Isles, has come to mean all that is legendary in Britain’s history and landscape. The Lost Treasures of Albion charms are ancient Britain’s legacy, a reminder that past glory promises future greatness.

Designed by fantasy artist BRIAR. Lovingly crafted in lead-free, polished pewter with gold, crystal and/or enamel accents, presented with a matching chain and a satin pouch along with a leaflet detailing the heritage of each piece.



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