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Manic Panic Retro Red PinUp Diva Lipstick Marilyn

Catalog > Manic Panic Retro Red PinUp Diva Lipstick Marilyn

This is Manic Panic's Red lipstick, called "Marilyn". It is a standard full size lipstick tube. This is the Purest shade of Retro Pin-Up red you will find. Matte finish. Perfect for that Rockabilly / Hollywood Pin-up look. Make Dita Von Teese and Betty proud! Perfect for ever day or can be used for modeling shoots. Gotta love the perfect classic 40's red!!! (**Please note that the photo of Dita are NOT her modeling this lipstick, they merely show that this shade of Marilyn is very close to what she wears). Manic Panic has 4 shades of Red which may appear close in color out of the tube, but are in fact VERY different. I'm often asked to describe the difference, so I have come up with a photo of the lipsticks applied directly on skin, see below. Marilyn is an "orangey" red. Blood Red is a "pinkish red". Kiss of Death is a "blue-red" and Vampire Red is a deep Gothic PURE apple red.
Price:$11.95 Sale! $8.99