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Sabbatic Goat Baphomet Pendant

This is a LEAD-FREE pewter antiqued 'Sabbatic Goat' pendant. It is Eliphas Levi's Baphomet. God of the Witches. Approx. 1 3/8" diamter. Comes with a silvertone chain. Baphomet is one of the most controversial figures within the The magical community today. The symbol is often used by Satanist but Older practisers of The Craft had no problem using his image themselves. There is even a group of witches over in England who refer to themselves as Sabbatic. They use Baphomet as the Sabbatic Goat within there rituals. Sabbatic Witches look beyond the image and into the symbolism. This is not an "idol" it's a representation of harmony between two polarities. Baphomet points to the Full and the Dark Moon. The hand gestures express the perfect harmony between opposite polarities. The Dark Moon represents our actions and *Our Will to Action* toward our goals. The Full Moon represents the fulfillment of those goals. Baphomet's two horns represents duality and the lotus flame that burns between them represents the eternal flame that destroys duality and causes us to see everything as connected to the universe that surrounds us. The flame is symbolic of the light of universal equilibrium. The two snakes that face each other at his solar plexus represents the coming together of opposites. This symbol is known as the Caduceus. It represents eternal life, and the cycle of renewal. The two snakes act as guardians of the Heart Chakra, letting only the pure of heart through. The Star on his head represents Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. On his right hand he has the word Solve which means to find an answer or explanation for. On his left hand he has the word Coagula which comes from the word Coagulate which means to change from a fluid into a thickened mass. The female breasts symbolise the life -giving essence given to us from The Goddess.


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