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Baphomet Inverted Pentagram Witchcraft Pendant

This is a gorgeous pendant of Baphomet. Pendant is a very good size, measuring 1 5/8" long. The eyes are red jewels and there is a clear crystal gem atop the inverted brass-tone pentagram. The rest of the pendant is pewter/silvertone. Lead-free pewter. Attached to an 18" silvertone chain with clasp. This pendant comes packaged in a gorgeous black velvet gift bag too! Great necklace for the money! Perfect for a man or woman. A symbol of Black Magic to many, the goat of Mendes was an intrinsic part of the Black Sabbath. However the fire torch between its horns reveals its deeper meaning of the perpetual struggle between Light with Darkness. Unless you are already experienced with the Magickal Arts, this Talisman should not be empowered. Baphomet is one of the most controversial figures within the The magical community today. The symbol is often used by Satanist but Older practisers of The Craft had no problem using his image themselves. There is even a group of witches over in England who refer to themselves as Sabbatic. They use Baphomet as the Sabbatic Goat within there rituals. Sabbatic Witches look beyond the image and into the symbolism. This is not an "idol" it's a representation of harmony between two polarities. Baphomet points to the Full and the Dark Moon.  The Dark Moon represents our actions and *Our Will to Action* toward our goals. The Full Moon represents the fulfillment of those goals. Baphomet's two horns represents duality and the lotus flame that burns between them represents the eternal flame that destroys duality and causes us to see everything as connected to the universe that surrounds us. The Star on his head represents Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. The female breasts symbolise the life -giving essence given to us from The Goddess.



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