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Antique Ornate Victorian Cast Iron Match Safe Holder Fireplace

This is an Antique black finish cast iron match holder.  It hangs on the wall. This is NOT a reproduction.  It is circa late 1800's, early 1900.  Solid cast iron with a black finish.  Lots of intricate detail on this.  The hole at the top is shaped like a skeleton keyhole.  It has a match strike on the bottom and sides of the holder.  It holds small wooden matches. This would be hung by the fireplace in a Victorian home to hold the matches for their daily fire.  It measures 4 x 5 inches.  There is a miniscule bit of rust and this is in excellent condition!
This would look lovely hung in your kitchen or by your fireplace, or in your altar area for spellwork.
$95.00 Sale! $75.00


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