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Vintage Sterling Silver Siam Goddess 7 inch Bracelet

This is a Vintage Siam God and Goddess Sterling silver bracelet. Sturdy clasp. Stamped Siam Sterling. 7 inches long. In excellent condition!
This bracelet includes four separate designs:

1. Mekkala(h), the Goddess of Lightening - shown with lightning bolts coming from her hand. A well known figure in Thai culture. This is by far the most common character depicted in Siam jewelery, and is the theme you normally see in Siam jewelery.
2. Ramasoon, the God of Thunder - shown with an axe in his hand. Often shown with Mekkala.
3. Nang Fa, the Fairy of Happiness - looks like she's dropping stardust from her hand to the floor.
4. Chedi Klang Nam, The Floating Pagoda - fancy pagoda building floating on water.

History: These silver and black Thai pieces were popular in the 1950s through '70s, and were produced by a variety of jewelry shops. It is technically "Niello" or "Nielloware", created by carving out areas of the silver, and baking a sulfur/metals powder in the carved out areas. The design often displays Mekkala, the Goddess of Lightning, and represents the Thai version (The Ramakien) of the Buddhist and Hindu Indian legend, Ramayama, about a prince, his wife, his parents (King and Queen of Siam), and the evil king of Ceylon. This jewelry was often sent to American wives/girlfriends from their soldier-husbands/boyfriends on leave from fighting in Viet Nam, or stationed in Thailand during the Viet Nam war.
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